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Career at Compuserv

These are the services and advantages of Compuserv as an employer


There are identical reasons mostly which cause employees to stay with a company for a long time or to apply for a job there again. We as an entrepreneur are very proud of the most important indicator; For many years we have a had a very low fluctuation rate at Compuserv. Thus, the important know-how stays in the heads of the employees of the company and stays permanently available to our customers.

The leading team of Compuserv attaches a lot of importance to the fact that the employees feel well in the company because it is our basic convincing that this is an indispensable prerequisite for long-term motivation and willingness to perform. It may be a trivial example, but for many years approx. 95 percent of our employees attend the Christmas party in the evening. This is a nice indication for “we feel at home” of the Compuserv team.

But, of course, there are also the tasks that are considered attractive. On account of our mixed customer structure with many small and medium-sized customers in different branches, but also on account of an internationally active group of companies, the partner of which we are, we carry out many different and innovative projects. This is for which we make our employees fit. As an example we would like to mention English courses which when required are given at different levels at our costs and mostly during working time. Most certainly this is seen as an advantage.

When comes to promoting our employees, we take individual further education decisions rather generously, either by initiating corresponding training courses, but also by financial support for other further education measures.

Our central location can be reached by car in a few minutes after leaving the motorway A1. Every employee can park his or her car on the company carpark in front of the premises without having to look around. This fact is appreciated in particular by colleagues who previously had a workplace in the center of the nearby towns of Cologne or Düsseldorf. The daily traffic jams on the motorways in the urban areas which cost a considerable part of leisure time does not apply in our case because you travel to us rather anticyclically.

Of course, the remuneration system has to be fair. In our company, apart from the performance-based salary, this includes a thirteenth month paid, contribution to capital formation, a financially subsidized company pension scheme, the issue of fuel coupons, and quite a number of other things. We also support sports activities because health is the most important thing in life.

Current job offers

We currently have no vacancies.

You are interested in Compuserv, but there is no corresponding offer?

If you are of the opinion that your know-how could fit to us, please send in your application, even if there is no vacancy. Quite number of times, an initiative application has lead to a route into a common future.

Compuserv Computer
Dienstleistungs GmbH

Technikstraße 1
42929 Wermelskirchen

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