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Figures, data, and facts of Compuserv

Founded in April 1988

8 employees are at the starting blocks and establish the company convincingly with specialist knowledge and involvement.

Approx. 130 employees

of the most diverse qualifications are specialists at Compuserv today.

Active in 8 countries in Europe

We think and act beyond frontiers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bosnia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The management

Andrzej Jawurek
Heinrich Poel

Repair workshop on 650 sqm

More than 30 technicians and engineers repair cross-manufacture and cross-unit devices in their own large workshop.

Focal points of our services

As a complete service provider for hardware and software in trade, industry and the service sector we offer complex IT solutions, flexible IT services and IT products.

We provide training in 5 professions aus

The setup and training of junior employees is very important to us, for this reason we provide training in five different professional profiles regularly.

4-star Kyocera partner

As an important partner of Kyocera we are trained perfectly not only in sales but in technology as well. Our customers benefit from the advantages of the 4-star partnerships as well.