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Social involvement of Compuserv

We accept social responsibility all over the world

Not all people are as well off as we are. Children, especially, belong to the big losers – not only in the developing countries, but also in Germany. For this reason we concentrate our national and international donations to the assistance of children. In this case, the education of the children is especially close at heart because we are convinced that good education is a prerequisite for getting out of the vicious circle of poverty.

A special concern are our thirteen godchildren who are spread across locations worldwide.

We think that apart from benefits in kind, which they receive within the framework of the godparenthood, it is important for the children to know: In the faraway country of Germany, there are persons who think of us and care. For this reason, we are keeping active contact to these children by sending them letter, pictures and small presents in regular intervals.

Our trainees take care of this “project”. To get involved concretely with the everyday reality of children in developing countries gives young people here in Germany some food for thought.

The fact that we are right with our ideas is revealed impressively by the lovingly created letters, drawings and pictures which we receive in regular intervals from our godchildren, and which are presented in our headquarters. Our customers as well as our employees like having a look at this information, and consider our involvement great.

These are our godchildren of Organization Plan International

The international children's aid organization is active in various developing countries and gets involved for children rights. It supports children and their families – independent of their ethnic origin, confession and political circumstances – and helps where is misery. The objective is to permanently improve the living conditions and living environment in the fields of health, education and income. With our godparenthoods we do not support the child only, but also projects in the surroundings, such as digging of wells, schools or also health education.
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These are our godchildren of Diospi Suyana Organization

In the language of the Quechua-speaking population in Peru, the name of the organization means “Hope in God”. It refers to a mission hospital, in the meantime also referring to a school in southern Peru. Bigalke family from the German town of Wuppertal – whom know and appreciate – has been living in Peru since 2014 and has been managing this school since foundation in the same year. As a sponsor we pay for the school fees, and thus want to provide the children of the Quechua-speaking population with sound education and later access to the universities of the country. In an impressive manner the German teacher couple gets involved personally and directly for the people in the Andes. Here as well, we receive pictures and letters from our godchildren in regular intervals.
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