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Values and claims of Compuserv

Our company philosophy

As a medium-sized company, we see the key to achieving our entrepreneurial targets in dealing with customers, employees and partners. It is only the fair togetherness with people - and thus the implementation of economic and social responsibility - that is the basis for sustainable success.

Dealing with customers

We respond individually, tailor-made and flexible to different requirements of our customers. After all, our target are convincing solutions. It is only these that form the basis for long-term fair customer relationships. They are based on: Flexibility and service, the quality of the products used as well as professional and innovative consultation. Thus, we offer solutions which convince in practice.

Understanding of quality

Our core competence is our knowledge of various solutions for perfect IT infrastructure as well as the products available on the various markets. For this purpose, we continue to educate ourselves, check innovations and new options. With our know-how we supply a consultation and implementation quality which develops further continuously, however always practice-oriented because we recommend only what has convinced us in use economically. Self-critically we are working continuously on the improvement of quality, and in this way secure the competitiveness of our services.

Employees – the potential

We are proud of our employees, who our customers in many countries of Europe can rely on. This includes that we professionally train our new employees, and that all employees continue their studies to be able to meet their tasks. The low fluctuation rate and thus the long affiliation with Compuserv have their reasons. They lie in the combination of thrilling challenges, collegial and social work atmosphere and interesting development possibilities. Our flat hierarchy supports personal responsibility and direct communication.

Training of junior employees

Young employee promotion programs are dear to us. In several training professions we give young people the chance of developing themselves. In the process, we take care of high-quality education, but the human development with all appertaining social components is important to us as well.

Dealing with partners

The relationship to our suppliers is fair, characterized by long-time reliable relationship with competent partners, reflecting our professionalism.


As a company active all over Europe we identify ourselves with our location. Our social involvement goes beyond, however. We get involved all over the world, especially for children, and intentionally we get our trainees committed in these activities as well.