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Competences of Compuserv

Customer structure


Our headquarters are located in the German town of Wermelskirchen, and thus not only the heart of the beautiful Bergisches Land region, but also in the middle of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that most of our customers are medium-sized companies from the region. But, we also look after large companies which are active internationally. Therefore we carry out larger projects successfully outside of Germany again and again. As a professional we work for professionals, almost exclusively in the B2B field.

A priority of our activities is for retail and wholesale companies with several hundred branches not only in Germany but also in European countries. For their support, we have a network of more than thirty field engineers.

Moreover, a wide mixture of craft businesses, production plants, industrial companies and many service providers belong to our customers.

For more information on our international activities, please refer to the navigation point titled “Services” under the item, for example, headlined "International on-site service" or "International rollouts / projects".


  • Crafts businesses, production companies, industrial companies and service providers
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Internationally active wholesale and retail customers

Scope of services


The scope of our service may vary considerably - from small to extremely large. Despite - or perhaps because of - our company size, it is not beneath us to deal with very small orders as well. In the past, this frequently was the beginning of a successful partnership of many years with medium-sized companies. With our approx. 130 employees we are also able to carry out large extensive projects, which require an international realization as well. Independent of whether an infrastructure project is concerned or not, safety subjects or rollouts of hardware systems - as our customer, you can rely on the implementation by our experience, well-organized and excellently established team.


  • Variable - from very small to extremely large
  • International realization
  • Rollouts of hardware systems

Know-how and qualification


As a service provider of IT it is especially important to us to keep the know-how of the employees in the company. For many years our customers rely on almost the same competent team because we can proudly describe our fluctuation rate as being extremely low. However, it is equally important to meet the fast changing technical demands again and again. For this reason, in-company as well as external training is carried out in regular intervals which always keep our team up-to-date. Not least, it is the young well-trained employees, who stay with the company after their apprenticeship, who not only ensure new dynamics but also continue to expand their knowhow. For this reason, we give the training of young people high priority at Compuserv in five different training professions, three of which being special IT training professions.


  • Established team of many years
  • Regular in-company and out-company training sessions
  • Own training in five occupational profiles



Our many years of partnership with our regular suppliers are very valuable to us. For this reason, with conviction we do not replace a supplier in case of problems, but seek, and usually find, a solution in fair and partner-like discussions, and thus a further way into the future together. In the end, our customers also profit from this action because the special know-how from supplier systems and solutions together with our employees has grown over years.

For many years we have been member of the iTeam system house network comprising more than three hundred system houses. There we exchange views, for example, during the regular managing director meetings and the regional meetings, and let the information and ideas gained have influence in the successful further development of our business model for the benefit of our customers.


  • Highly reliable regular suppliers
  • Complex supplier / partnership solutions
  • Know-how transfer by systems house network

Action radius


A regional priority is clearly in the German Bergisches Land region but also in the surrounding larger towns of the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia, such as Cologne, Leverkusen, Solingen, Remscheid, Wuppertal or Düsseldorf.

However, our entire action radius is geared to all over Europe. On account of our large customers, we are able to offer not only all over Germany, but also in other European countries, our services with out thirty field engineers. For more information, please refer to the navigation point under “Services” headlined "International on-site service".


  • Regional radius: Bergisches Land and North Rhine-Westphalia
  • National radius: all over Germany
  • International radius: Europe-wide with a team of 30 technicians

Repair workshop


For more than two decades we have our own repair workshop, currently on more than 600 sqm, which is an extremely important component for our service quality. We thus ensure the best and high-quality reaction times for our customer, the device of which are returned to operation as quickly as possible. As a specialist with many years of experience we have been authorized by many renowned manufacturers to carry out repairs. Our long-term employees do not replace modules, but also repair them on component level. We also rise to the challenge of repairing very old devices important to the customer, however, for which there are no circuit diagrams and hardly any spare parts. Especially developed service management tools support us during the efficient work. For more information, please refer to the navigation point under “Services” headlined "Own repair workshop".


  • Own workshop on more than 600 sqm
  • Best and qualitatively high-class reaction times
  • Authorization of manufacturers
  • High repair competence even in special cases

Competences / technology level


On account of regular training, certification and participation in various seminars of different manufacturers, our team is always on the latest technological level. No matter whether it is Intel, HP, Kyocera, Microsoft or Cisco, for example: Our specialists attend many further training measures so that we can offer our customers the latest level of technology, and thus help to develop new ideas for innovative solutions. We endeavor to ensure the best possible state of technology for our customers.


  • Regular training
  • Several certifications
  • Cross vendor seminar participants
  • Always at the latest state of art