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Intel server with Compuserv

Individual, need-oriented and highly performing.

Compuserv relies on the renowned brand and the leading established manufacturer of chipsets and processor with its own brand on the market - Intel. Products of Intel meet all the necessary safety characteristics and suitable performance characteristics for a smooth business operation. Intel offers especially high quality standard, up-to-date technology at all times, definitely a long life-time cycle.

The core of every company IT is the server system. Compuserv bases on the latest Intel server processor technology, and thus at the same time on the strongest know-how on the market in this field. In many cases we suggest Intel technology integrated in servers of brand manufacturers, such as HP. Compuserv supplies your company with complete end-to-end solutions for your service demand.

Available storage space is occupied in ever shorter periods of time, and on the other hand the performance requirements increase - that is the core problem of responsible IT experts in companies.

Powerful rack systems in different versions and configurations offer the best flexibility for expansions.

A tower system can be looked at as an inexpensive alternative to a costly server system. All components of this system are freely selectable. Tower systems can be used universally, and offer high flexibility as well as performance. They are especially suitable for the small-office environment or offices without separate server room.

Every database and every new application, the multitude of mobile units used, the integration of social platforms as well as the permanently increase E-mails produce ever more increasing data volumes which have to be administered. For this flood of data Compuserv recommends suitable and flexibly extendable storage systems.

In our own workshop, the servers are prepared for the customer requirements and specifications - starting from the definition of the differently large partitions, allocation of rights for the employees to the preparation of a potential data migration.

Apart from hardware technology, we will be pleased to advise your company in the selection of the operating system. In personal talks we shall clarify with you whether a direct Windows-based system or an upstream virtual environment is the right choice for you.

As a matter of principle we only supply servers which are sustainably supported and we can guarantee a good supply of spare parts as well. Depending on the service level agreed upon, we have spare parts and pre-configured spare servers in parts ready for you and, even in case of serious hardware defects, can react very quickly and can restore your ability to work.

If you have any questions about the individual components, please establish contact with us at any time. Our qualified service and sales specialists will advise you with respect to performance, technique and many other special features of your server. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

Our Intel servers offer

Requirement planning / analysis / preparation

  • Analysis of your existing server environment
  • Concept / configuration of a “target configuration”
  • Upon request, contact and co-operation with your external service providers
  • Preparation of a data protection concept
  • On-time purchase of hardware and software
  • Pre-installation, test and burn-in
  • Basic installation of the operating systems and other software

Installation on site

  • Preparation of the location
  • Installation of hardware
  • Integration in the existing environment
  • Initial operation
  • Data migration upon request
  • Handover and familiarization
  • Upon request safe environmentally disposal of “old hardware”


  • International on-site service by own personnel
  • Optimal spare parts supply
  • Upon request, provision of a spare configuration
  • Administration of the plant on site and/or by remote maintenance

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

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