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Spare parts service of Compuserv

Spare parts management as success factor

Best possible spare parts service is an essential part of our understanding of service. For customers of Compuserv, the ideal spare parts management includes an important decision factor because only a functioning system is a profitable system. Our company stands our for this distinct core competence.

The decisive factor is the high availability of high-quality spare parts and materials to be implemented successfully on site or to carry out maintenance. We achieve this by precisely controlling the service together with spare parts management which renders the spare part available at the right place and at the right time.

Compuserv has a large spare parts stock. This permits not only short-term deliveries, but also fast repair times. Many spare parts need not be ordered specifically for the case, but are directly built in and the devices are available to the customer as quickly as possible. In the process, Compuserv uses the original spare parts of the manufacturers as matter of principle. Our employees have permanent authorized access to the databases of the manufacturers. In this way technical changes can be included in the repair procedure immediately.

All important spare parts and wearing parts are stocked by our technical field service directly so that Compuserv is able to carry out repairs or preventive maintenance without loss of time directly on site at the customer.

A big strength of Compuserv is stocking of spare parts of vaporware. In most cases this permits to continue repairing elder devices, which cannot be replaced easily due to the processes of the customer.

If a bottleneck should occur during the course of repairs, our customer profit from the equipment hire service of Compuserv and thus remain capable of acting despite repairs.

Our spare parts management comprises


  • Large stock of spare parts in own warehouse
  • Technical field engineer with the most important parts on board
  • High and quick spare parts availability
  • Use of original spare parts of the manufacturers as a matter of principle
  • Shortest-possible delivery times
  • Stocking of spare parts of already discontinued devices
  • Hardly any case-related orders required


  • Exact control of the service call with spare parts management
  • Authorized access to manufacturer’s database
  • Loan unit service

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

Our spare parts management partner

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