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International rollout projects of Compuserv

Planning and realization

Compuserv is an experienced partner for hardware exchange. We plan, manage and carry out the rollout for your company, your subsidiary or locations.

With our practical approach proven in versatile large and smaller projects, we make sure that your rollout project is carried out methodically, process-optimized and efficiently. We take into consideration not only the time, but also the transport, setup, initial operation, and if requested, also the disposal of old devices.

The responsible project manager of Compuserv will harmonize with you the plan of action, and will carry out an on-site inspection, if and when required. We consider this individual co-ordination decisive - a precise preparation is an important basis for a successful realization of your project.

Not only do we support you in the selection and purchase of hardware, in addition you profit from our purchasing advantages as a large partner of brands. As a large service provider, we can take over the complete logistics and an interim storage as well as the direct delivery of the new hardware to different locations.

During the rollout, data of old units can be copied. Apart from dismantling the old hardware and a safe transport to the new location, an accurate build-up of the new hardware is included as well as a short function test, and, if requested, data transfer as well as familiarization of the user.

Do you want to learn about our rollout services? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. We will be pleased to consult.

Compuserv offers you the following services

Hardware rollout

  • Exchange and installation of hardware
  • Configuration of the new hardware
  • Installation of software
  • Data transfer of old units
  • Coordination and handling of logistics (old and new units)
  • Intermediate storage
  • Correct disposal of old units
  • Familiarization of users

Consultation and rollout planning

  • Hardware demand analysis
  • Alternative suggestions (cost / benefit optimization)
  • Selection and configuration of the new hardware
  • On-site visit
  • Own project management
  • Coordination and planning of deadlines

Hardware removals

  • Removal of hardware to a new location or to several locations
  • Safe transport and storage
  • Accompaniment of relocations by specialist employees


  • Inventorying (registration of serial numbers, allocation of device numbers)
  • Attachment of inventory stickers on hardware

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

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