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Logistics of Compuserv

Finely adjusted processes as success factor

In a nutshell, IT logistics deals also with the availability of correct units, the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right place at the right time for the right customer at reasonable costs.

Optimized logistics processes belong to the substantial success factors for Compuserv as a customer-oriented IT service provider. In this respect, we attach great important not only to continuous improvement of the complete logistics processes, which we operate in-company and thus have in our own hands, but also to the optimization of complete logistics chains with interfaces - including suppliers and transport companies - also referred to as “supply chain management”. Here the objective is that our in-company logistics processes work perfectly and harmonize with the external processes.

The significance and the demands on our logistics have continuously increased during the last few years, primarily caused by the fact that we carry out our services in several European countries - in parts outside the EU as well.

The following sub-areas of logistics are of special importance to us:

Warehouse logistics

At our central location, we operate several warehouses with large stocks which we look after in a perfect way at all times. They operate together with the storages for frequently used spare and wearing parts which every engineer stores on site.

We react from two sides to the technical overaging of IT products. On the one hand we are constantly updating our inventory and on the other hand we are reacting to a discontinuation of devices immediately, by stocking up the stock of spare parts and therefore are able to continue maintaining important, older devices for a long period of time with our own inventory.

Our employees active in logistics in our company for many years and the IT system house “Warenwirtschaftssystem” constitute the reliable columns of our storage.

Distribution and spare parts logistics

A small defective spare parts with a value of a few cents (in a server for example) may cause a complete company to be incapable of working more or less. This clearly shows how important fully developed distribution and spare parts logistics is. In this case not only the support by our special internal EDP system is of significance, but also a motivated, experience and in particular flexible team of employees who realize the significance of such results and know the smooth logistics process.

Packaging and transport logistics

IT goods in particular, such as laptop computers, computers, printers, etcetera belong to those product groups, in which theft occurs more often on the way to the customer. This may have far-reaching consequences, especially in a rollout project.

Our packaging has been optimized and neutralized in this respect (opaque black foils, special cartons, etcetera) so that this risk can be reduced as far as possible.

For especially sensitive units, we use special, individual packaging tailor-made to the spare parts in order to achieve the best possible transport protection. In case of larger projects, palletized pack lists are prepared which are available to the rollout team directly after loading. This is considerably supportive during the realization on site.

Depending on the requirements we use the most efficient way by forwarding agents, parcel services and express consignments for transport. If the transport is especially urgent and time-critical, we use IC couriers or direct trip by our employees. Individual agreements, such as late pickup or own delivery with parcel services further increase our flexibility.

Well-trained employees take care of all customs formalities in case of transports to outside of the EU.

In the entire logistics area, we attach special value to reliable partners of many years, with whom we cooperate trustingly.

Our logistics offer


  • Extensive warehouse logistics and field service spare warehouses on site
  • Internal supply chain management
  • National and international logistics
  • Distribution and spare parts logistics
  • Mature packaging and sales management

Success factors

  • Stocks (spare parts as well) “taped”
  • No aging of the inventory
  • Spare parts stock designed for long-term
  • Experience, reliable and flexible employees
  • Proven external logistics service providers
  • Inventory control system designed for IT requirements
  • Optimized packaging strategies for IT products
  • Flexible use of different transport possibilities, not always the price is decisive
  • Ideal logistic organization for rollout projects

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

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