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Repair workshop of Compuserv

IT repairs for many brands

Annually more than 9,000 units are repaired at the repair workshop of Compuserv. As specialists we have been authorized by large manufacturers to carry out repairs for HP, Toshiba, Kyocera, Lexmark, Intel, Datalogic and many other brands.

With our own workshop, we are able to quickly recognize the same sources of error in the same products. Subsequently we can remove the fauls in advance frequently before a unit is shipped to a customer at all. The close contact to the manufactures enables us to improve the products as well.

If and when required, we refine finished products in our workshop according to special practical requirements, and upgrade the product usefulness for the customer again.

Our long-term employees do not replace modules, but also repair them on component level. We are able to repair elder units, for which there are no circuit diagrams and/or few spare parts.

If, for example, a very old production control fails, which, however, is urgently required nonetheless, and cannot be replaced easily, we are usually able in most cases to carry out a repair or to offer a solution for the problem.

By using a special service management tool developed for IT repairs, we are able to comprehend on serial number level whether a device has already been to Compuserv for repair, with which fault and how the problem has been solved by our technicians. A traffic light function not only indicates that the device is still under guarantee, but also points out how long the unit has been in our company already. Thus, we achieve faster throughput times and waiting times as short as possible for our customers.

In our own warehouse, we have generously dimensioned pool of spare parts. Most spare parts must not be ordered case-related. In this way we can start repair immediately directly after fault analysis and can pass the repaired units to use as fast as possible.

Our own workshop offers


  • Central repair in our large workshop of 650 sqm
  • Cross-manufacturer and cross-device repairs
  • Systematic repair process is possible quickly
  • Professional test procedure and analyses before and after repair
  • Provision of replacement devices
  • International infrastructure and logistics


  • More than ten high-end workplaces with complex diagnosis and repair units
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Secured device storage
  • Large warehouse
  • Own service management tool

Team of specialists

  • 30 highly qualified technicians and engineers solve problems, carry out repairs and maintenance
  • Long-term employees with a lot of experience
  • Regular further education and training
  • Qualified and certified by the most diverse partners / manufacturers

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

Our repair workshop partners

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