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Team work with groupware of Compuserv

Simplification and assistance of co-operation in groups

In order to enable the data exchange and the course of your processes in the office and on the road, groupware will support the daily work in your company.

Even in case of local and temporal separation of office work, a co-operative work on joint tasks is possible without any problems. The communication and coordination of tasks is facilitated by groupware.

Even brainstorming and decisions are possible at any time without direct contact. Data exchange and processing – by employees amongst each other and to your customers – is effective and comfortable with groupware.

A centrally installed groupware server renders available all functions to the clients and mobile devices connected, which permits you to exchange data by email or time scheduling in different calendars.

Groupware provides the condition to render contacts available centrally, to plan tasks together and to collect and provide notes. In the office at the workstations and on the road with smart phones, tablet PC or note-book computers, you will work with the same data. Device-independent work is possible from every location by website.

For better team work, the individual functions can be released for colleagues in order to share the current data, and to process them together. Moreover, groupware can be used to plan the use of resources, such as the reservation plans for conference rooms as well as for plant and material resources.

A groupware offers


  • Better in-company communication by joint access (messages, notes, remarks, invitations, etcetera)
  • Ideal handling flexibility (temporal, regional, device-dependent)
  • Coordination support
  • Project management without meeting
  • Resource planning


  • Timetable for groups
  • Professional document management
  • Efficient project administration
  • Central address management
  • Knowledge and task management
  • Joint processing within projects
  • Integration of e-mails
  • Mobile use of groupware features by Smartphone or tablet PC

Your requirements

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