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IT safety with Compuserv

Detection and removal of security gap, a basis for your company

The requirements on IT safety are increasing continuously. The first safety factor is a suitable choice of location. Locations for IT devices are not protected against access by unauthorized persons. In order to achieve a best-possible failure safety, it is recommended to air-condition the rooms in addition.

Central devices and lines should be designed redundant; these additional resources increase the failure and function safety and thus the operational safety of your system.

In the local network, individual network areas can be separated from each other by virtual networks (VLANs). In addition, authentication techniques, such as 802.1X, offer further protection for your network. Unused switchboards can be deactivates or the use can be covered by a port security.

Protection against access from outside your network is provided by firewall and proxy server. In order to ensure safe connection to your network independent of the location or between several company locations via Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN techniques offer suitable protection.

Service and client systems can be subjected to versatile dangers as well. For example, the protection of IT against wrong operation, technical failures and illegal access up to planning of emergency measures and the fast date restoration after a disaster belong to the aspect ot IT security. For this reason, the important subject of data protection should be taken into consideration during concept planning of an IT environment already.

Under consideration of your requirements and the use scenario, our experts will recommend different measures in the sense of an IT base protection, independent of the operating system used. Apart from the subjects mentioned here, other special sectors and protective measures may be necessary.

Our IT safety comprises


  • Location security
  • Failure safety
  • Network security
  • Data safety
  • Protection against third-party access
  • Safe network access by VPN


  • Analysis and consultation on IT basic protection (on site)
  • Data safety ensured by good concept
  • Detection and removal of security gap
  • Use of latest safety techniques and measures
  • Emergency measures
  • Quick data recovery

Your requirements

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Our IT safety partner

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