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High availability with virtualization by Compuserv

Better scalability by virtualization

The virtualization of the EDP plants has long since been established successfully in the IT landscape. The dependence of a hardware platform is thus removed. With this you can operate several software systems on a platform, which applies for operating systems as well. Thus, virtualization supports the failure safety in a single server already. When the physical hardware fails, the changeover to another hardware platform is quicker and easier.

The relocation of a functioning system to a more powerful hardware is possible much easier than in conventional systems. For this reason, new systems are designed virtually in most cases, but old systems can be virtualized subsequently as well.

If several servers are used, physical hardware can be bundled. The resources, such as processor performance, working memory and data storage of fewer physical devices are combined, several virtualized system absorb the capacity much more effectively. This leads to cost saving in several areas, to economization of hardware and purchasing costs, the space demand decreases. The energy consumption of a plant is reduced as well. The life time of elder applications, which due to current hardware cannot be operated anymore, can still be rendered available in a virtual environment as a rule.

In case of data protection and restoration in a virtual environment, the securing time frame is frequently smaller, the load of the system is lower, and the restoration time after failure is distinctly shorter. Special high availability technologies are rendered available which permit work without interruption in case of servicing – or even failure – events.

A virtualization offers


  • Less administrative effort
  • Lower operating costs (energy, space, air conditioning)
  • High availability
  • Higher system stability
  • Supports failure safety
  • Hardware-independent operation
  • Better backup possibilities
  • Better scalability

Your requirements

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