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Sustainability at Compuserv

Photovoltaic system

In mid-July 2022, the time had finally come. The photovoltaic system commissioned in the previous year could be put into operation. In the first really sunny month of summer, we produced a little less than 16 MWh of electricity with our PV system. For comparison: According to the Federal Statistical Office, an average two-person household needs about 3.2 MWh of electricity per year. Thus, the green electricity we produced in the first month is enough to supply about 5 average households with electricity for a year. The picture shows the electricity production of a single day. The green area reflects the amount of energy fed into the grid, which was about 330 kWh on that day. The total production, i.e. including self-consumption, was approx. 630 kWh.

Not only the first month since commissioning of the PV plant is so successful. So that you can also get an idea of the current performance, a few current statistics of our PV plant are displayed here.

Power and energy yield 2022 / 2023

Power and energy yield 2024

CO2 emissions saved

Total energy 2022-2024

Charging stations

The proportion of electric cars has increased significantly in recent years, not only among our employees but also in our vehicle fleet. Therefore, at the same time as our new photovoltaic system, we have created eight charging stations for electric cars, so that the solar power can be charged directly into the electric cars of our fleet and our employees. Our employees can thus charge their private cars free of charge at our site during working hours.

Drinking water

We have been providing our employees with drinking water free of charge for many years. Until a year ago, we bought water in reusable plastic bottles for this purpose and transported it to our site. By installing two water dispensers that filter, cool and carbonate the tap water as desired, we save a large amount of plastic and CO2. Our employees now use glass bottles provided by us free of charge, which they can refill themselves at the water dispensers. A positive side effect is that it is no longer necessary to lug around the many crates of drinks.

Air conditioner

It is increasingly present in the media that all statistics show that summers have become warmer and warmer. This trend will probably be difficult to reverse. To ensure that our employees continue to enjoy good working conditions in our premises in the future, we have decided to invest in an air conditioning system for our building at Technikstra├če 1. As this system is mainly needed on hot days with a lot of sunshine, we are able to produce the electricity needed for cooling our rooms ourselves with our photovoltaic system. The air conditioners are technically in principle also able to be used as heating, at least in the transitional period. We will test this in the fall/winter with the goal of significantly reducing gas consumption for the known reasons.