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Client systems of Compuserv

Individual hardware for your needs

For different requirements in your company we can offer a suitable system. Depending on your request, you have the option to chose between a stationary workplace, a high-performance workstation, a notebook computer or a thin-client system.

For many years we have been cooperating with large manufacturers, such as Toshiba, Fujitsu, HP and Dell/Wyse. We also provide individual BTO solutions.

Our client system is based on Intel chipset and Microsoft operating systems. We offer you the possibility of individually adapting the hardware and software to your workplace. Here, we make sure especially that high-quality components are used.

Thin client solutions also offer an IT homogenous solution for equipment or extension of your available workplace. The use requires a standardized software and power server provision.  

Here, systems of all performance classes offer planning security with a long-term availability platform stable in the chipset variants. Here, we can reuse the individually prepared software image in the same hardware. Thus, we reduce the outlay for installation considerably. The maintenance and repairs are manageable and inexpensive.

Upon request, we can establish a purchasing period of up to 36 months in case of our business PC systems and thin clients, and of up to 12 months for business notebooks without fundamental hardware change.

Our systems in an overview

Client variants

  • PC systems with Intel CPU of the latest generation
  • BTO systems (Built To Order)
  • Notebooks with Intel CPU of the latest generation
  • Thin clients


  • CE certified systems
  • Platform stable / image-compatible systems
  • Upon request, our PC systems are 24/7 suitable
  • Business notebook variants with docking ability
  • Space-saving and/or weight-optimized systems


  • Individual consultation and complication of your client systems required
  • Stocking of service devices upon consultation
  • Microsoft operating system pre-installed upon request
  • Extensive pre-installation according to your instructions
  • Operational setup on site
  • Extensive pre-installation according to your instructions

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

Our partners for client systems

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