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Printing systems, designed by Compuserv

Print optimization means: Paper where it is needed

For decades, the paperless office has been the dream of all commercial and administrative professions. The advent of electronic data processing has initiated a vision and since then tries to make it real. However, the reality looks somewhat different.

Despite rapid developments in computer engineering, computation and storage capacities, many processes require printouts in various stations of process and administrative routes even today.

Modern printing, copying and multifunctional systems take this into consideration and offer the user versatile possibilities, high reliability and low printing costs. Here, the user as the choice between various technologies for different purposes.

In general, the various requirements shall have to be taken into consideration in the selection of a printing system. In the process, differentiation between “color” and “black-and-white” is not all by a long way.

If, for example, picture-like printouts shall be made, solid ink or ink jet printers offer themselves. If the requirements are rather in the business field, laser printers show their strengths.

Other aspects are: Which type of media shall be printed? Shall the prints be lightfast or even document-quality? Which print volume is expected? Shall the prints be processed further?

These are only some questions which we can clarify in dialogue with our customer in order to find the “right” system.

The following applies: The less expensive a printing system is, the more expensive it is to purchase - and vice versa. Thus, the right consultation and selection is an important economic procedure.

For the requirements in everyday office life, we usually offer laser printing systems. They combine high printing speed with unbeatably low printing costs.

In this respect, the product range reaches from compact, inexpensive workplace printers for small print volumes to fast unit for small to medium-sized workgroups up to large-format systems with versatile paper infeed options and administration of the print output. Stapling, punching or folding of the printouts even are processes which modern devices can carry out themselves in one work process.

Modern printing systems can do more than “only printing”. Today’s multifunctional systems are no one way technology by any means.

On account of the triumphal march of digitalization, it is a logical step that printers not only produce documents, but can process them as well. In doing so, the usual networking today increases the usefulness of modern multifunctional systems. Documents may be colored and scanned from both sides, and subsequently they can be further processed digitally. Whether it is a simple photostat or whether the document shall be rendered available to EDP systems for data processing and archiving - on account of the inclusion in the network this is possible quickly, efficiently and at low costs.

Multifunctional systems assist the user also in the ever more important task of document management by rendering available documents to be processed to the further-processing software systems - no matter whether a merchant information system, simple data storage or a mighty document management is concerned.

Our printing systems offer


  • Customized function solutions
  • Precise demand analysis
  • Reality and performance audit


  • System of different manufacturers
  • Printing systems
  • Copying systems
  • Multifunctional systems
  • Systems, which process further (mechanically)
  • Systems which digitize for document management

Your requirements

  • Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions and/or specific topics which you have not found here? Well, in this case establish contact with us at any time. Call our specialists directly at +49 2196 7229-0. We find the perfect solution for every requirement.

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