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Training and internship at Compuserv

This makes a good training at Compuserv

At Compuserv we want to motivate our apprentices. We offer not only an environment, in which we provide technical education, but in which everybody has the chance to rise as a person. In close and successful cooperation with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Cologne and with the vocational schools we have provided training in five IHK recognized vocational disciplines. Depending on training profession, there is block or part-time teaching.

With more than a hundred employees we are big enough to offer our apprentices interesting departments or projects, but we are also small enough to care personally and be open for every one. If an apprentice wants to stay in a department for some weeks, which has not been planned, we will do whatever we can to make this possible. Our businessmen to be get an insight in the repair workshop or the up-and-coming specialists computer scientists in sales.

Our customer structure is attractive for every apprentice. This covers large customers, for which we carry out services in several European countries, right up to small companies active in various branches here in the German Bergisches Land region.

In addition, there are many interesting challenges and interesting projects, and ever new possibilities of extending your horizon; be it by practical weeks at friendly companies or by customer projects which include business trips as well.

The training at Compuserv is set up in such a way that our apprentices work independently to a high degree during the training, and carry out the requirements of their job well-founded and correctly after completion of the apprenticeship.

Many former apprentices are successfully active in our team now. As we need well-qualified junior personnel as a growing company, we are very pleased about the very high rate of apprentices whom we take over after completion of their training, and who like staying with us.

This is what our trainees say about Compuserv

From trainee to trainee – we believe this direct contact to be important. For this reason, we have asked some of our apprentices in the various jobs to express their opinion on the training at Compuserv:

“I have found my place at Compuserv. Even before I started my education I got to know the first areas of the IT as a temporary helper and carried out repairs in the workshop. I am glad to be part of the Compuserv team.”

Ahmad Nabhani
Apprentice as
Specialist computer scientist for system integration

“During my training at Compuserv, I go through different departments and thus have the chance of a varied training period. The colleagues always offer help and support in case of questions. The pleasant working atmosphere contributes to trainees having a good start to their training.”

Ayse Nur Dirlik
Apprentice as
Sales person for office management

“Thanks to the mentoring system and the nice colleagues at work, it is not difficult to start the training. You are guided and integrated into the work processes. This together with a good working atmosphere leads to a good feeling at work.”

Max Trampenau
Apprentice as
IT system sales person

“I have always been interested in training as a warehouse logistics specialist and Compuserv is the best place for me. The patronage system made it very easy to get started, so you feel at home very quickly. If you have any questions, all the colleagues are happy to help with advice. My work is varied, I pack goods to ship them later, I organise work processes together with my colleagues and I also have customer contact at times. This shows that I was given responsibility early on. This helps me to develop professionally and personally.”

Christin Leonelli
Apprentice as
Specialist for warehouse logistics

“As a trainee, you are integrated into the team at Compuserv. Thanks to the colleagues, who are very helpful and help with every question. The working atmosphere is also great. That's why I'm rarely in a bad mood in the car in the morning on my way to work.”

Nicolas Szlapka
Apprentice as
IT specialist for system integration

The sponsor concept of Compuserv

Apart from the instructors registered at the IHK and the technical contacts in the individual departments, we have godfathers who accompany each apprentice throughout the entire training period and who are trustful contact for the apprentice. For example, the tasks of the godfather is to accompany his or her “godchild apprentice” through the new training departments, and at the end of each learning block shall talk together to the professional person responsible for the training. This deadline is always prepared by an evaluation form, in which the department assess the performance of the apprentice, and in which the apprentice at the time assessed the department.

Social involvement of the trainees at Compuserv

We here at Compuserv consider social involvement to be an important part of life. Here our apprentices get involved and learn to help other people who are not as well off, and to assist them practically.

More information on the social involvement of Compuserv

Internship at Compuserv

Training is important to Compuserv. A first foundation stone may be an internship. For this reason, we offer pupils (practical school training or during school holidays) and students the possibility of attending practical training. If interested, please simply send us a complete application with the type and duration of the type of internship.

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